About Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen, CEO and co-founder of Charfen Institute, is a unique business visionary with first-hand experience cultivating incredible business growth in one of the most challenging economic climates in our nation’s history.

Alex’s determination and passion for helping small business owners comes from 20 years as an entrepreneur, experiencing both great success and devastating failure.

After building a thriving real estate business in South Florida, like many others, he lost everything when the market crashed. However, he didn’t let adversity slow him down.

Alex envisioned a company that would contribute to the country’s recovery by helping both homeowners and small business owners overcome the challenges that he had faced. His dream became a reality when he founded the Distressed Property Institute (now Charfen Institute) in 2008, which grew to become a $10 million company with more than 70 employees—completely debt-free and with no outside funding—in less than three years.

To date, Alex and his team of instructors have trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. He has been endorsed by such business luminaries as Dave Liniger, founder of RE/MAX, one of the most successful business franchises in history, and Howard Brinton founder of STAR POWER Systems, the most recognizable brand in real estate education today. In 2009, he was the first outside presenter to share the stage with Dave Ramsey at Ramsey’s Accelerate Conference, and he is a regular commentator for television news outlets, including FOX News and CNBC.

Since coming to Austin in 2009, Charfen Institute has been named one of the best places in Central Texas to work —a further testament to the strength of Alex’s leadership and the strong culture he has built. In recognition of his substantial achievement and sustained success, Alex was recently awarded the Austin Under 40 Award for Real Estate, and he has been nominated as one of the Inman News 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders.

“Alex has an uncanny ability to speak wisdom into your life
and see the path one should follow to success. He is THE reason my business gained 150% in market share
in less than 12 months. The conversations we share always turn into holy moments.”
- Ashton Gustafson,
Owner of Bishop Realtor Group and
Winner of REALTOR® Magazine’s
“30 Under 30” Award in 2010